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                  ***Weekday Mass Schedule***

                   **All daily Masses in the Pastorate will be at 9 am.

                    *Mondays & Wednesdays at Annunciation

                   *Tuesdays & Fridays at St. Clement

                   *Thursdays and Saturdays at St. Michael



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Our Pastorate Calendar of Events – 





Week of May 8th

  • Boy Scout Plant Sale
    Rosary - Holy Name Society
    Boy Scout Troop 419
  • Early Birds
    Girl Scouts
    Girl Scouts
    Knights of Columbus General Mtg
    Holy Name Society
  • NA
    Confirmation Class
    Contemporary Music Practice
  • School Board Meeting
    Psalms: The School of Prayer Bible Study
    Spanish Schola Practice
  • AA
    CME Rehearsal
  • Church Cleaning
    Little Disciples
    Boy Scout Troop 303